Resonates With Me | By Mattias Ahlström

Solution to all those missing agendas

If you are anything like me and facilitating plenty of meetings or only have a few meet coming up. There is an easy template or acronym that you can use for planning out your session.

Each of the letters propel you into the next one. Intent gets you half way to what you actually want as an outcome. With that expected outcome you can start planning an agenda, where you start with the end goal in sight.


What do we intend with the meeting? Why even have it?

Desired Outcome

What specific results do we want to have achieved at the end of this meeting?


What will we do at the meeting and in what order to achieve the expected results.

Sometimes this is enough for a great meeting. It takes a couple of minutes to write, but it highly improves the meeting. When I facilitate longer sessions I add the last three letters of the acronym.


What roles and responsibilities are there for the meeting to run smoothly? Who facilitates, participates, documents? What is expected of the participants.


What kind of rules do we have in this meeting?

Should we practice active listening and not just wait for the moment to state your point?

Should we use some way of indicating who talks and how to hand over the mic to someone else, especially valid when doing a hybrid meeting with people both remote and on-site.

Should computers or mobiles be used when we run a meeting where everyone is in the same room?

Law of two-feet i.e. Leave if you don’t contribute?

How do we take minutes and where are they stored?

Let the participants come up with other rules that they want to include.


How long is the meeting, will there be breaks?

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