Resonates With Me | By Mattias Ahlström

Seven Degrees of Delegation

Being a leader, you might unintentionally hinder fast growth and change if you're involved in too many discussions and decisions. Reluctance to delegate often comes from a fear of losing control. Instead of worrying about what you're missing, focus on your role in the delegation process. Delegation isn't rigid or black-and-white; here are seven flexible ways to approach it.

  • Delegate: Others take decisions that you don’t even want to know about.
  • Inquire: Others decide, but you can ask for more information if you want.
  • Advise: You give advice, hoping others will listen, but the decision is theirs.
  • Agree: You and others discuss and come to an agreement on what to do.
  • Consult: You ask for input from others and consider their arguments when making your decision.
  • Sell: You’ve made your decision, but you put effort into selling your idea to others to get them onboard.
  • Tell: You make the decision with no delegation at all.

When delegating: Instead of thinking how you'll miss out. Think about how you want to be involved.